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The Happy Camper MD

Allowing the member and clinician to work together in achieving optimal health outcomes with a faith-based approach by addressing the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health of each member.

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At this time, we are focused on these specific services:

What Types of Treatments Are Included?

The Happy Camper MD has a limited scope of services (for example, no vaccinations are available on site) so patients do need to understand the focused areas of service prior to scheduling. We will research with you and help guide you to the course of care that you feel is best after examining the pros and cons of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member, you read, agree, and sign our membership forms and pay a $25 fee. This is an annual fee if continued membership is desired.

No, the Happy Camper MD does not have any ties with Medicare, Medicaid, or any insurance company to prevent conflicts of interest.  However, The Happy Camper MD will provide information that will allow you to submit to your insurance company upon request with the exception of Medicare/Medicaid plans, though services may or may not be covered.

Other than the membership fee of $25 annually, all visits are billed according to time requested. $125/every 15 minutes paid in advance. Other services such as botox, procedures, etc are subject to different pricing and determined on a case by case basis. Should your health need or request require significant research, you will also be billed on an hourly rate for that research, an estimate of time will be given to you ahead of time before we proceed.

Botox is charged by the unit. Labs are the responsibility of the patient. Inquire about fees for procedures such as skin biopsies, IV Therapy. Time based fees do not apply to these services.

Once you join as a member, you will receive an email directing you to the patient portal. For telemedicine visits, this may be done through the portal.  For in-office visits, you may leave an appointment request by calling our office.  We will contact you within one business day of your message to schedule your office visit.

No.  We do not offer after-hours or on-call services for any urgent needs.  Our community has these services readily available when needed.

We are appointment based and can work around your schedule. Dr. Gibson is available on weekdays, nights and weekends for in-person and telemedicine consults by appointment to best fit your schedule. Dr. Granberg-Nill is only accepting new botox patients at this time and is generally in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays for in person appointments from 8:30pm until 12noon at our office: 1512 NE 96th St. Suite A, Liberty, MO 64068. We are unable to accommodate walk-in appointments. Due to federal regulations, Dr. Gibson is unable to see Medicare/Medicaid patients.

Weight loss appointments start with a 1 hour initial appointment where Dr. Gibson will take your full history starting with your mother’s prenatal care, childhood/family eating habits and current health status. We will discuss your goals and readiness for change. Based on your preference, follow up appointments with continued modifications interventions based on your results. While most weight related issues are behavior based, we will take a functional medicine approach that is completely personalized to fit your needs. Please be prepared to come to your appointment with one weeks history of eating/drinking/activity/bowel habits. (We can give you a sample if you would like.) And bring any labs preformed in the last 6 months.

To give you the best care possible, all refill requests do require an appointment. During your visit we will give you an appropriate amount of medication ranging from a few days to 1 year depending on the condition and your safety.

Forms of any kind will be reviewed, and if we are able to fill them out for you, time based rates will apply.

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Dana Granberg-Nill, MD FAAFP

Thank you for looking into becoming a member of The Happy Camper MD Private Membership Association.  I am a board-certified family physician with over 2 decades of patient care in the Northland.  In the fall of 2021, I resigned from private practice in search of a more personal approach to meeting the needs of like-minded people that desired more than what the current system was able to offer.

I see members in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 am to noon and by appointment via telehealth at any time that is mutually convenient for both the member and me.   

My goal is to provide a platform where members feel that we work together to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of members without jumping through unnecessary protocols, processes, or expenses.

The Happy Camper MD association is based on biblical precepts and all aspects of care from confidentiality expectations to dispute resolution flow from this spiritual & faith foundation. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy boating, reading, home fitness regimes and travel. I am married and have four children and a rescue dog named Bentley.

Dr. Dana Granberg

Dr. Emily Jane Gibson, MD

It is an honor to take care of you and help you reach your health goals. My wellness philosophy is to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and diet. If necessary, I will prescribe pharmaceuticals, procedures or surgery but only if the more positive, less-invasive, safer health-oriented alternatives fail to reach the goals we want.

I am a double board-certified physician in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. I completed my Family Medicine residency at Baylor Scott & White in Temple, TX and my Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO. Having the fellowship in Sports Medicine gave me additional training in non-operative management of any joint pain, including back pain, carpal tunnel, etc. and expertise in complicated concussion management and procedures such as steroid joint injections. I also have interests in functional/integrative medicine, headache medicine and anti-aging medicine.

I believe in maintaining an active lifestyle and teach a spin class twice per week at Cheifs Fit Gym. I also enjoy yoga, organic gardening, cooking and ballroom dancing.

It is my greatest joy and privilege to be invited into the care of my patients’ lives. While I believe Jesus Christ is the supreme physician, it is my hope that with His guiding hand I’ll be able to help you live the happiest and healthiest life that you imagine and most importantly, primum non nocere (First, do no harm).

**Due to federal regulations, Dr. Gibson cannot see Medicare/Medicaid patients at this time.**

Janie Gibson

The Happy Camper MD

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood...I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost